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DBLAZE Music Entertainment, an organisation set up mainly to support the African Artistes in the Diaspora here in the UK.

As you are aware, the African Music has evolved and if you go to most parties and clubs nowadays, that is what is played. However, we have discovered that most of the music being played are those African artistes that predominantly live in Africa. Consequently, the artistes here in the UK who are also as good as the ones in Africa have been grossly marginalised and ignored. The gap between the Artistes who live in Africa and the ones in the UK is very wide.

Being a promoter for years, I could see that something had to be done and be done fast. Most of the artistes here have become hopeless and miserable as they have been unable to make ends meet and producers as well as promoters are abusing their vulnerabilities. For example, they would be invited to shows as back -ups or to perform without any payments. Some will be promised payments but would not be paid. It is so bad that they may even be the ones to pay for their hotel bills, take their instruments and pay for their transport fares. This is wrong. I begin to wonder why they are being treated this way when the artistes who come from Africa would be treated like royalty.

DBE Music aims to ensure that the gap created is bridged. The talented artistes in the UK need a bit of push and support too. They need recognition. They also have bills to pay. We need nurture their talents.
This is a way to enlighten and empower our artistes across the globe. We believe this is the right platform to entertain and inspire up and coming musicians and people generally regarding the challenges faced by these artistes, the passion, dexterity as well as recognise those who have been ignored for too long.
We believe that those of you that are here because you believe in the artistes and in our cause. We would implore you to support us as much as possible in order to encourage and support the artistes. We need to let the artistes here feel valued and appreciated.

We want people who are able to sponsor and promote these artistes financially and practically.