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Janjala’s real name is Benjamin Batuns popularly known as Benebee De King from the family of Mr & Mrs Ebenezer Batuns.

Janjala is a native of Ogun State also related to Ondo state, Akure Nigeria.
Janjala was born in Abule in Bariga, Lagos state where he grew up, studied and began his musical career.

Janjala’s musical career started from church where he used to play percussion e.g. emele, bongos, conga, set drums, and many more; he started moving up by playing keyboard and other string instruments.

Janjala played with lots of Nigerian musical legends such as KING SUNNY ADE (KSA), SEGUN ADEWALE, ADMIRAL DELE ABIODUN, ABEY CITY, Ade Olusayo And many more before he started his own group in the late 90s BENEBEE & D AFRICAN BOYS. He was the solo leader until when he got an opportunity to join KSA’s band. He dropped his group after finally deciding to relocate to UK (“JANJALA” had previous travelled across the globe before deciding to relocate to the UK).

Being in the UK is another story for JANJALA because he was trying to use his talent to make ends meet and that made him not to be recognised as a band leader except those who had seen him performed in Nigeria. He had only been seen as an instrumentalist and that came with a lot of challenges most especially seeing new artists requesting Janjala to back them up with the keyboard. To crown it all JANJALA’s rather skinny physique make people view him with less regard and look down on him because of his stature. This aided his decision to write a song based on this issue in 2007 titled JANJALA but couldn’t release the track for various reasons until June 2016. JANJALA has many tracks but only released this “all because JANJALA track” as it has been long coming but gives God all the glory.